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About Tom Giacabetti Jazz Guitarist

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Tom Giacabetti is a well known guitarist/educator in the Philadelphia and Atlantic City area. Much sought after for his versatility, Tom has performed in every major theater and showroom in Philadelphia and Atlantic City. He has appeared in concert
with Peter Nero and the Philly Pops, the Philadelphia Orchestra, the Willingboro and Mellon Jazz Festivals, as well as
Temple University, Stockton Performing Arts Center, Rowan University and The University of The Arts. Some of the Jazz artists Tom has performed with include Morganna King, Nancy Wilson, Randy Brecker, Kenny Barron,The Count Basie Orchestra, Dave Brubeck and the Michael Pedicin Quartet. Tom has been a featured artist on the national syndicated T.V.shows "The World of Guitar" and "Miles of Music" . Well respected as an educator, Tom currently teaches music at Temple University, Rowan University, Buck County Community College and the University of the Arts.


What others are saying:

"Jane Norman offers us a refreshing departure from the commonplace in her new CD. A PERFECT
CHRISTMAS captures the magic of this wonderful season. Her pretty voice works incredibly well with
George Rabbai's horns and Ron Kerber's flute. Tom Giacabetti's soft guitar causes the flavors to linger.
This CD will be a pleasing addition to our Holiday playlist."

I've enjoyed working with a great guitarist at the school, who's also the co-chair of the Guitar Department, Tom Giacabetti. Tom's my guitar hero! He can play any kind of music and he's the "first call" guitarist in town. He plays mandolin too. When a player needs to read a classical piece, he's the guy. Tom can transcribe music as it's being played without a guitar in front of him -

Jimmy Bruno Modern Guitar Magazine

Tom Giacabetti..Fine Jazz and show player -
Sunny Troy

Most recently, my jazz studies with Tom Giacabetti of Temple University have helped to create a more well-rounded musician -Troy Knox

To Renew a Life In Jazz- Pat Martino-

In reference to the Uarts Guitar Department
PM: They do, yes. It's excellent. Tom Giacabetti, Mike Quaile, and Craig Ebner are over there. Quite a number of really great players.

I had the pleasure and honor of studying with some really great players. One named Tom Giacabetti-

Scott McGill

Philadelphia guitarist extraordinaire, the best sight reader I know, playing a wide range of styles and a wide range of stringed things. Plus he's soulful! -
Dave Hartl

Tom Giacabetti. One of the finest - guitarist, musician, teacher ...
Steve Beskrone

Tom Giacabetti: Outstanding guitarist and professor at Philadelphia's University of the Arts and Temple University -
Minas Brazilian Music

My vote is for my teacher from a
few years back, Tom Giacabetti. Can play anything, can read anything,
can transcribe anything, but just doesn't seem to feel the need to push
himself as a jazz guitarist and does more for-hire musical theater
work and teaching than anything else. It's a shame in that I get to
hear him so seldom, but the older I get the more I understand his
choices, given the incredible demand for jazz guitarists in today's
I studied with Tom Giacabetti for a while too. All around I think he's
the best in Philly as far as teaching methodology goes. I believe he is
still at Temple and UArts.

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Janicki received a Masters in Jazz Studies from Rowan University where he studied exclusively with versatile guitarist/educator Tom Giacabetti.

I studied with him (Tom) years ago and he is really motivated me to establish my abilities.
Studying under Tom Giacabetti and Terell Stafford, Greg (Snyder)quickly became a premier guitarist, in the Philadelphia area